FilterCopy | When Your Parents Get Into A Fight | Ft. Manish Kharage, Kavita Waadhawan & Ajay Mehra


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    Sripriya Yegneswaran

    Anil Janoti

    Vineeth Srinivasan

    Ajay Mehra
    Kavita Waadhawan
    Manish Kharage

    Ishani Roy

    Ayaz Merchant

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    Manish Kharage

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    1. FilterCopy

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      1. ayush baidya

        This prove that why students cannot go to Goa

      2. Parveen Hooda

        @Ghor Gyan rtkttisy

      3. Sangeeta Singh

        @Banarashi Ojha ????

      4. Banarashi Ojha

        @Sangeeta Singh l

      5. Laxmiben Patel


    2. Ch Prem sagar

      Relatable 😂😂😂 same situation

    3. Pallavi Vibhute

      These actors are 100000000000x times better than the the actors in bollywood movies...

    4. Khushi Birla

      This is so perfect demn it 😂😂

    5. love yourself

      That very true my parents always get fight and i always get depressed....🙄


      Kyu Risa aunty mil gyi..

    7. Madhavi Sharma

      I am completely agree `

    8. Xie Lian

      1:42 the number of times I have heard that kind of tone from my parents gave me war flashbacks 😶😶

    9. Abhilasha Choudhary

      Whenever they start fighting. I lock myself in my room. Kyu ki solve karaane jaao to baat ghuma fira ke mere career aur shadi pe aa jaati hai. I just run away 🙄😑

    10. Tej Pratap Singh

      I really hate when they fight ....some time I feel like I should die get over from that pain..

    11. sakina Hafiz

      This is relatable with me And worst thing I m single child☹

    12. karthik reddy

      Exact same thing happens lmao😅

    13. Aarna Bhatnagar

      Whenever my parents fight from nowhere my mother starts crying without any reason

    14. 1rp7ta 4as


    15. Mouli Anand

      Relatable much 👍

    16. Pranay

      Dariyayi genda is not panda...just in case

    17. Prateeti Bhattacharya

      So Relatable! 🤦🤦‍♀️

    18. Delanne Dsouza

      Hey , please know that Goa is not only known for all that youll think..Keep your stupid mentality to yourselves ...No goan people are the culprits ,it's the ones who come here n spoil our name ..Goa is known for togetherness that all we Goans share.. It's all the people from other states and places who indulge in all sorts of troubles ,and then Goa and Goans are blamed for no reason ..Please don't spoil our Goa's name talking all this ... All those who think I've spoken the truth like and comment below (specially my fellow Goans )We need to stop this mentality.😠😬

    19. Shashanka Bhat

      2:52 onwards was SO relatable😂

    20. Pramila Trivedi

      यह सब गंदगी के ढेर है ।हमने इन नशेडियो को पाला पोसा बढाया ।अब समय आ गया है इनका असल रूप सामने आ गया है ।इन्हे धक्के मार कर फेकिए ।समाज को गलत रास्ते पर ले जाने वाले है सब ।

    21. Maria Thomas

      02:27 that's relatable.... 😬😬 Sometimes parents ko bhi bacche hone ka awsar dena chahiye 🙂🥴😂

    22. Zaheer Khan

      जयहिंद जय किसान सरकार किसान को धोखा देने में लगी है म0प0के बैतूल जिले की घटना उदाहरण सामने है

    23. Swagnik Hati

      Very much relatable

    24. Rakesh Sadhwani

      Aunty be like :- newspaper padh rahe h ! 😂😂


      2:54 always when they fight nd I get into it they both are like "hamara mamla ha tu dur he 😭😂" and then I was like muje baat hi nhi krni ha lado aur

    26. Deepshikha

      Filtercopy has always been relatable, but this time, it was different

    27. Chandu Jain

      1:45 That was SAVAGE AF

    28. Priya

      These people are cute even when they fight. But it's worse in reality. I'm telling you there's nothing cute seeing your parents fight. It's just irritating as hell

    29. Ravindra Kulkarni


      1. Ravindra Kulkarni

        Good food

    30. Aways Khân

      I'm playing this with full volume just after my parents fight 😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Shinchan Fanclub

      That's relatable AF🙂🙃

    32. BhaiyaG

      I don't know about any of you people. But when my parents argue, I make them sit down together and tell them to share their portion of the argument one by one. Then I discuss with them one by one the root of the problem. Then make them discuss with each other... After some time they are chilling together and the atmosphere in the house is back to normal. It helps me understand relationships in depth.

    33. Zara Yousaf

      How wives say I won’t cook after a fight and it’s considered so normal. Imagine a husband saying I won’t pay you or won’t give you anything I earn and kicks him out if the house. Wow So not good. Very bad. Toxic man.

      1. Zmzxz

        Kinda agree but everyone should know how to cook

    34. leah s

      another level of pain when you're a single child and have grown up with such fights happening almost everyday lol

    35. Ram Thakkar

      80% Relatable, 20 % Exaggerated, but 100% Fun.

    36. love india

      😂🤣 retalable

    37. Pooja Sahni

      Filter copy love you ❤

    38. jyoti dua

      Very Relatable. Har cheez same!! Newspaper padte rehte hai 😂😂😂

    39. Simran Khanna

      Sahi mein yaar yeh log ke wajah se humlog faste hai 😂 relatable

    40. Pratyusha Das

      When parents fight....Sab gussa hum bachcho pe nikaalte hain


      Funny 😂 😂 💖

    42. Mystermo hai tera baap

      3:00 soo accurate 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    43. Adit Jain


    44. Palak Jain

      I am sorry filtercopy. But this is too personal for me and not at all funny. It's just depressing.

    45. Rashmi Chhabra

      Whenever my parent's fight They made me a telephone Between them 😭😂

    46. Ophelia Joseph

      Parents ki ladai mein interfere karna yani sher ke muh mein haath dalna.

    47. Ophelia Joseph

      How is this sooooo freaking accurate!!!

    48. Nowshin _A

      are vhai jhagra karo to karo, par ham bacche log pe mat utaro!!

    49. Akshay Shinde

      It ia not relatable When you not have one of them .

    50. Apollo 10

      this is not even that serious sometimes the parents would be rude to us kids as well

    51. Eshita Gon

      2:50>>>>>>exactly what happens to me😅😅😅🥺🥺🥺💔

    52. Vaishnavi Singh

      Humare yahan toh hum bhai behen fight enjoy karte hai Kya mast jhagadte hain ye dono Itni mast comic ladai hoti 😂😂😂😂

    53. nitin gupta


    54. Vaibhav Dwivedi

      Ghr se nikal is the thing many of us had faced. I had done it practically

    55. Kush Pandey

      This looks funny but very very very depressing and hurting I never give attention on anything rather than their fight 😖😖😖

      1. Zmzxz

        Ugh same

    56. Sakshi Jadhav

      I love the Manish's acting 😘😘😘

    57. Surya Vardhan

      when our parents team up to scold us even if they are fighting lolll

    58. Shivam Sareen

      Most of Us had got through this.😂.

    59. InfiniteBruh :p

      filter copy is running outta content man.

    60. Nirmala Soni

      Oh god same situation with me 😭😭

    61. Rocky show

      That is same as my life


      The mom is so epic and savage

    63. HeartDrill YT

      i suspect manish lives in lodha amara, pls confirm, i like his acting too much

    64. Kaumudi Mandrekar

      why so many difficulties are face by youngster to come GOA i am GOAN i dont think GOA is that so spoiled and unsecured place to visit and to enjoy. GOA is not like that as we all have come up of hearing of GOA ....... Goa is much safer and secured place .

    65. Aditi Jain

      The same day this video was uploaded, my parents got into a fight.

    66. Dream Queen

      Really it's right This situation its belong to me😭😂

    67. Sunil Yadav

      And the worst thing is when your parents remove all their anger on you the whole day.🙄😢

    68. T K

      Their fights are so shallow whereas at my place... the fights are big🤌🏽 like REAL big🥵

    69. Isha Dhaliya

      When my parents get into the fight that is my personal Big Boss lol;)

    70. Flowing Noodles

      1. Zmzxz

    71. Seena Sony

      This is how much we miss the old cast 😐 👇 👇 👇

    72. Swara Takkar

      Why all have bad impression on Goa...???😡...

    73. Palak Sharma

      Same things...😂😂

    74. Ram Kumar


    75. Parul Parashar

      True that!

    76. Akanksha Dessai

      Goa mei kuch nahi hota bhai

    77. Lord Beerus

      Whenever My Mom And Dad Fight i hide my phone Or start studying bcuz I know next turn is mine

    78. matakaputra

      Jee karta hain, jake us bete ko ek bada sa jhappi de du... Relatable af...

    79. arpita datt

      Lol just 30mins ago my father said the same thing... tano se pet bhar gaya😂 dam so relatable

    80. nidz 123

      Poor acting, lack of chemistry between actors and poor script.

    81. Kimaya and Rishi

      Here's the easiest way to stop your parents' fight: Start crying or sit alone in a corner and they will see you and stop fighting! But if our parents see this comment we'll be dead🤐 BTW, (small youtuber here)

      1. Kimaya and Rishi

        @Zmzxz Sure! And that's totally okay if it doesn't for you!! Coz it did for us! And obviously you know your parents better than anybody!

      2. Zmzxz

        This doesn't work

    82. sumaiya

      every mom talks about dad's mother in their fight🤣😂

    83. sumaiya

      my father argues for 2 minutes and the whole house listens to my mom's and utensils sound for the whole day🤣🤣

    84. Debaditya Roy

      what a faltu ending

    85. Sweta Singh

      After a long time fc gave us relatable content 🤣 By the way loved this video ❤️

    86. Vanita Sandhu

      Taano se pett bhrna is the most common line in my house😂😂

    87. Raag Anurag

      His father is cute, Goa trip ke liye maan jayenge.

    88. Raviraj Shetty

      U r from Karnataka or Maharashtra

    89. bakhtawar fatima

      Alhamdulilah not relatable And even my parents never speak loudly to each other

    90. Priti Gore

      Amazing 👍👌😂😂😂😂

    91. Ankur Jain

      Ds ❤❤❤❤❤

    92. Jui Chandgadkar

      The worst thing is that you have to share your bed with either your mom or your dad after their fight😆😆😆

    93. Sangeeta Prasad

      My parents got into a fight today only and I got this video.

    94. 문moon

      everything is so relatable specially the room sharing one it's like on another level lmao

    95. Adrija Ghosh

      " Upkar kiya ji apne jo plastic k paani mein paani dalna bhul gye tum "🤣🤣🤣🤣best

    96. Neena Varghese

      sooo relatable

    97. pikachi

      where is aisha where is she love you filtercopy

    98. unknown

      Who eats popcorn while watching them fight? 😂 who thinks their neighbors are lucky that they can actually hear such interesting info 😂😆

    99. Cricket Baazi


    100. Tanishqa Sharma

      When my parents fight, i just sit there listening to their point of views. Or sometimes i just laugh quietly😂