FilterCopy | What Dads Say vs. What They Mean | Ft. Micky Makhija and Anant Kaushik


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    Baapu sehat ke liye tu toh... khair rehne do.
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    1. FilterCopy

      Hey guys! What are the things that your Dads say? Comment karke batao, we will react to the best ones! 😅💯 Follow us on Instagram ➡️

      1. Megha Page

        Jai devi mangala Gauri

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        Nice video

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        Thanks filtercopy ke tumne, kamse kam Baaki ke members par bhi dhyaan diya.

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        This is the best channel in PAprom

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        Please change the dimensions of the video.

    2. Sun isfinite

      Last me rula dala re tum logo ne. Great work guys

    3. Kanchan Thukral

      Bhai Thailand ki permission mili ya nahi?

    4. Venkats Siva Prasad

      Loved it

    5. Shantanu Bhagwat

      Happy ending

    6. Lol

      Life is pain

    7. deepti deshwal

      3:30 always with me🤣🤣

    8. The Arnav

      Me- papa ek bike dilado school jaane ke liye What he says- dila denge pehle 12th pass karle What he means- beta jab ham tumhari umar ke the tab 10km nadi me swimming karke school jaate the.

    9. Sandy Shyam

      Hilarious 🤣🤣🤣


      0:0 He should be the dad himself but his hair won’t make him

    11. Shashwat Verma

      Third seen is totally relatable

    12. Kajol Rani


    13. Adnan Ahmed

      I am 25 and a dad of 11 years old daughter,7 years old daughter and 10 years old son and its to damn relatable

    14. JIYA GUPTA

      Imagine getting heart from filter copy..❤

    15. Potterhead ⟭⟬ ARMYS ⟬⟭

      Armysssss!!!!!!!💜💜💜....we want another BTS video 😂🥳🥳🥳

    16. Arunima Wankhade

      My father always says ... Ask u mom ... But he doesn't really mean it ... Right??

    17. Tanishqa Sharma

      Whenever i show my parents a joke it turns into a lecture. But i love them forever

    18. N Shantibala Devi


    19. Kamlesh Pathania

      I gott offended by the firs scene ,jaha uske bap ka Lonavla nahi jane diya to vo gussa aulad par nikal raha hai.

    20. Kenji _FFツ

      It always ends with happy ending🖤❤

    21. Piyush Kumar Sharma

      *emotional atyachaar papa edition*

    22. Deepika Goru

      Such a handsome father 😁

    23. Owais Shah Syed

      When HC verma is your father 😂

    24. Lavin Gothi

      Awesome concept ....loved it totally emotional and good acting

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      Last main acting uncle ki bohot tagdi thi rona aagaya👏👏👏

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      Awesome act sir ❤❤🙏🙏

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      0:02. 2:01 0:14. 2:26 1:19 1:39 1:41 2:01

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    34. Pallavi Mali

      All seens are real... Father was excellent 😊. Keep it up guyzz

    35. Maithili Naik

      The last scene was of true emotion I cried love u filtercopy

    36. Arya Sohoni

      i miss the old filtercopy cast banerjee madhu apoorva aisha veer etc.etc

    37. Diwakar Chettri

      no ad channel😂

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      disclamer - fathers not allowed🤣🤣 only the last scene😅😅😅

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      Did anyone realise Vishal and Shekhar lollllll 😂😂

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      "Vo kunve me kudegi to tu bhi kudegii kya??"😂😂😂😂😂 LOL😂 Mere parents ka ye dialogue he😂 Amazing video 😂♥️♥️ LOVE YOU DADDD♥️

    41. Akshit Sharma

      The guy performing the son is a great actor .... The way he did that kinda emotional face in the last scene.... Great work

    42. saba n

      Vishal and shekar 😂

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    44. Iqra Anjum

      ARE RUKO ZARA SABAR KARO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Soni Singh

      Every Indian be like :- NOW I WILL SAY SORRY , YOUR MOTHER ???? We all have to experience this thing 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    46. Mehul Bothra

      You're lucky if you remember when you hugged your dad the last😌🥺

    47. UniAnaya

      The last part literally made me cry

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      Vishal aur Shekhar😅


      Dear filter, copy plz stop spying in my house . . This is soo me loved it 💕

    50. Trishita Nath

      Truely saying last scene made me really emotional literally

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      I think this filtercopy hates me!!!!! Their content is full of what i dont have in my life😕🙁🙁🙁 Miss you appa😔😌

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      The first scene probably when I ask permission he will give me lecture about his daysss.... 😖🤯🤯🤯

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      Chobbish saal...that sounded Bengali!

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    55. Dhruv Pathak


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    57. Smart English

      I can relate everything with my father

    58. Pragati Thakur

      Ok it was soooo relatable I can we be praise by our Father for me ... never hufff like is amajing

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      Finally did he get the permission for his Thailand trip?

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      Last one was so truhh

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      This was truly wonderful. Seriously, I loved it so much and last scene was ❣❣

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      4:32 Just felt it for my father

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      always make great videos

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      But the last part was very emotional

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      Filtercopy always finds a way to touch the ❤😊

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      Ohhh god, really don't like this video. The concept is nice but how you guys present it .. that's really bad

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      The most relatable content I have seen so far. It's no wonder dad's are like that. 😊

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      Parents jo bhi kahe ya samjhe hai to puaare apne aur cute😘


      This video is so relatable.. The last scene made me cry😭

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      Very good video I love filter copy cause at the end they always show emotional or funny video I this video


      This time script was literally hatke ✨✨

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      Maza nahi aaya filter copy ke level ka nahi hai 😐

    84. Squad ZF

      Dad says vs what they mean "more like" expectation Vs reality

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      The second scene man 😂😂😂😅

    86. Aman Kumar Reddy

      Even if our parents scold last they only do it because they love US...all they want is to see their kids have no problems in their lives...They(Parents) can't see Us(kids) suffer...So all i want to say is, at the end of the day...THEY ARE OUR PARENTS...SALUTE TO ALL THE PARENTS OUT THERE 💖👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    87. S s

      The last scene made me cry because it's like real for me

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      Loved the last part bro I wash my papa tell that things in real You nailed it

    89. Ishika Sahu

      I think it's exactly opposite.....father give taunts on face and he care about u from inside

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    91. arun singh


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