FilterCopy | Signs You're Both Introvert & Extrovert (Ambivert) Ft. Manish, Natasha & Nidhi


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    Ambivert: It's nice to meet you, but please stop talking to me.
    Enjoy watching ;)
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    Sripriya Yegneswaran

    Pranjali Dubey

    Manish Kharage

    Manish Kharage
    Natasha Bharadwaj
    Nidhi Shetty

    Featured Cast
    Aditya Chandiok
    Vaibhav Lonkar
    Vir Sanyal

    Vaibhav Lonkar

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    1. Loren .R

      I was searching for my type,finally found it

    2. 3DA

      Ambiverts hit like

    3. Little Panda

      Yeah dude this is me...😲

    4. anurag jha

      the point when she mentioned she wanted to do everything damn i related good there

    5. Aarna Makhija

      Omg!! This is so me!😂💛

    6. Mansi Srivastava

      Me me ✋😀😀

    7. the besura squad

      Ambiverts like

    8. Dishita Ramani

      Guys i can totally relate to this video!!😂✌🏻

    9. Akula Rasagnya patel

      Depends on my mood swings 😂😂

    10. Akula Rasagnya patel

      Then you are Ambivert. I'm an Ambivert 😁❤🍂🍁

    11. Rishima Nigam

      Can I tell a short and precise term... It's ambivert

    12. S. Abirami Somasundaram

      Natashas reactions are so cute

    13. Kashish Saxena

      Relatable I'm both introvert and extrovert 😉

    14. Glorius gaming

      Atlast i have found someone like me also exists in this world

    15. Ritika Mittal

      I don't know if i m ambivert or introvert bss itna pta h extrovert toh ni hun 😅😂

    16. Shreesti Khatiwada

      This is me 🥰🥰

    17. Anjali jorwal

      Btw extroverts doesn't mean outgoing and introverts doesn't mean they dont like to talk to people duh

    18. Ridhima pandey

      This vedio is for me....

    19. Ridhima pandey

      filter copy best....

    20. Jeet Aditya

      This is totally meeee....

    21. Srushti Kasare

      Yea Manh finally

    22. Neha Shaju

      i was an extremeeeeeeeeeeeee extrovert but corona made me an introvert

    23. Shruti Sanya

      Samajh m toh nhi aya....lekin dkh k acha mza aya😅

    24. Tanzeela Naseer

      Shoe laces😹


      Ambiverts are literally rare i used to think?😂😂😂

    26. Mawa Momo

      Definitely me

    27. Seth Everman

      Guys that's called an AMBIVERT😭

    28. Varsha Guchchetti

      3:23 you guys can do that video on shoe laces

    29. Samruddhi Naik

      It's me

    30. Prakamya Joshi

      Ambiverts assemble 💕

    31. NIDHI ROY

      When your name is also Nidhi😊

    32. Rony Ghosh

      Finally a video for us 😌

    33. Aarushi Shetty

      Who are extroverts like me 👍

    34. Mariah Khan

      The bullies in School turn out to be the unbelievable Introverts, whereas the ones being bullied turn out to show their outrageous extroversion!!

    35. Mariah Khan

      Now I got to know the reason why the film Aparichit's star Vikram was named Ambi !!🤔

    36. Mariah Khan

      I kept myself always confused that sometimes I m a dramatic dummy then sometimes a babbling blabber. Sometimes shy enuff stretching my t shirts, then sometimes hitting off with gypsie styled tshirt combo open shirter. Sometimes hesitant and underconfident to present myself, then sometimes sharing my life stuff with acquantainces. Sometimes telling my innate instincts to frends, then sometimes hiding the ordinary tales of my life imbalances. Sometimes laugh and make everyone laugh, then sometimes cry in the corner. Sometimes overthink for hours and hours about petty matters, then sometimes swipe off things spontaneously like a learner. Sometimes feel the centre of the lot, then sometimes non existent to myself. Sometimes a noisy tomboy, then sometimes a spiritual scholar in exile. Sometimes struggling with my pain inside, then sometimes exhibit the most carefree side. Sometimes get energy being in a team, then sometimes reboost by taking the solo ride. Sometimes timid, sometimes strong. Sometimes mum, sometimes song. Dont consider Us being too bare. Coz...........We are Rare!!!

    37. 13 Amrutha sri

      So relatable

    38. 09 Prachi Mistry

      In The Starting Was There 'Ashish Chanchalani' ??

    39. Piyush Kumari

      I am exactly same... thanks for noticing us

    40. Shehreen Usmaan Ali 876

      This is totally me when it comes to self confidence

    41. Shehreen Usmaan Ali 876

      She is so cute😋😋

    42. Swayam Jha


    43. tahoora nai

      0:57 how is that work attire in any way??

    44. Sayana Sam

      It's me!

    45. Supriya Dhungana

      4:05 was the funniest😂

    46. Shree Navaneethaa Elango


    47. Jeevika Matlani

      I think im the only one😂

    48. Tisha Garg

      Follow me on my instagram art page Id is @mandala by tisha

    49. Lavanya singh OT252

      im uncomfortable, idhar udhar dekho na reminded me of jin lol

    50. Priya Bharti

      It is most likely to be gemini ♊ and it is me

    51. Shreya Das

      Finally!! Ambiverts like us exist!!

    52. Noor Rajpoot

      Relatable 😂😂😂

    53. Happy Soul

      Natasha looked a little like lilly singh

    54. Fatima Zehra

      3:54 me when giving presentation......😳

    55. Blueberrie Hamster

      This is the Natasha who won India's next superstar

    56. Ainesh Mohan

      The self-confidence was so true

    57. Tanishka Matharu

      Sooo trueee

    58. Ahona Bhattacharya

      This is totally me.... every single time 😅😅

    59. Amit

      'Tum log idhar udhar dekho na' I will use this sentence while giving the speaking test in my class.

    60. TIPS k

      I am free to speak openly with strangers(cause they wont bother me) than close friends(but i do speak with them) what kind am i😂

    61. Christina Fernandes

      I could totally relate to the last part of the video.😂

    62. Idea The Best🙂

    63. Parv Mathur

      Majority of people classify as Ambiverts

    64. Sharanya Mukherjee

      This is actually me. Totally relatable.

    65. Rashmikiran Pandit

      Finally relatable introverted extrovert ❤️

    66. Shreyansh Srivastava

      I can totally relate it 😂😂

    67. Tasneem Quettawala

      The girl looked like shay mitchell

    68. Suvanggi Bose

      finally here's something for people like us too😢😂😂❤

    69. Maanvi Sharma

      Jst a fan of aditya chandiok. Seeing videos for jst 1 glimpse of him😍


      This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relatable!!!!!!!!!!!!😊

    71. little pearls


    72. Pulkit Garg

      finally people realize that us ambiverts exist too

    73. spring bells

      tumlog idhar udhar dekho naaa🤣🤣🤣 i swear this is mee❤️

    74. An Human

      I m extrovert inside and introvert outside.😂😂😂

    75. Salonii Maheshwari

      Finally i knew what am I 😂

    76. 09 - Ritika Doshi

      Natasha and nidhi are so very cutee actors!

    77. Himanshi Soni

      Being an introvert or extrovert are depend on people whom we like and feel comfortable and im ambiverts😂😁

    78. Popular facts

      I am also both introvert and extrovert. Extrovert with my friends and introvert with the world along with my parents 😁

    79. Toiba A

      I am literally the both:)

    80. Mihir Dey

      I wonder after Winn that reality show natasha was supposed to get a film of Rohit Shetty and Karan Johar but that never happened? Why so?

    81. Priyanka khawash

      Thought I was some crazy weirdo women 😂 just found out my personality, tk God I'm Norma🙏🤭

    82. Archie Jain

      Introvert for extroverts and extroverts for introverts Huhh!!!! Hellllooo peoples,we exist and we are known as AMBIVERT •The confidence one also happens with me😂

    83. Nonidh Gupta

      My life is simple I am an introvert

    84. Gopal Das

      I would like to suggest that Filtercopy should also invite Tanya Sharma for a video.... She's an amazing Actress😘

    85. Jaweria KAFEEL Shaikh

      Actually I'm an ambivert

    86. shanucrab

      This is literally meeeee🤪😹😹😹

    87. Chhavi Advani

      Soooo relatable

    88. Deepika Sharma

      The on and off thing is really true...

    89. #World of Vibes

      I can relate to every single one of them lol 🤣😂 Especially the fact that i wanna do everything 😆.... that's the reason i have no idea abt my career option yet 😬🤣

    90. Aathil Ahmed

      First people told about introverts then about extroverts and now to normalize the majority they came up with ambivert👽

    91. manisha vani

      I felt like I saw myself..

    92. Terraa

      Basically ambivert ppl are comfortable only with "their ppl"

    93. Tanisha Ivana

      Anyone watched the reality show where Natasha was the winner?

    94. Muhammad Rao

      1:56... Is that an iPhone 12??? Display does not like one!

    95. lambrogini 2108

      It was so much related to my nature and the one thats was of self confidence point, it took me to my days of presentation in office

    96. Diya Jyala

      Did someone know from where I can get white T-shirt with elephant like Natasha

    97. Mini Rani Sharma


      4:02 idhar udhar dekho na.. 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

    99. Heena Sunuwar

      Finally there is people like me also....❤️❤️❤️

    100. Lekana Lakkannavar

      As a Aquarian and friends with same, I believe we are all time Ambivert's. Isn't it?