FilterCopy | Other Students VS Me | Ft. Devishi Madaan & Rohit Agrawal


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    I write 'Etc' in exams because I don't remember other examples🤣
    Enjoy watching :)
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    Sripriya Yegneswaran

    Vineeth Srinivasan

    Keenan Burroughs

    Aakash Arora
    Anaya Joshi
    Devishi Madaan
    Priyankar Biswas
    Rohit Agrawal

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    1. FilterCopy

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      1. Study with Mitu

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        Intelligent...Fun...Always learning or reading something new. BTW the video was so relatable. I am the other student one

      3. Vicky Dhiman

        @ipsita m Lloyd l

      4. Have fun with Aanya!!!

        Lazy Intelligent and pretty interesting



    2. Mr d10

      i am mix of both lol


      Bottle me ched hum karte hai bhai mast video hai so relatable

    4. Zen Tra

      Studious boyfriend and lazy girlfriend

    5. Karthee Shibi

      This is nerds vs rest

    6. Richa Pandey

      I am other studenta

    7. OK BYE

      Not other student It's toper

    8. chabi chabi

      This is soooo me

    9. Sukanya Manna

      I'm the other student 😂 Other than that food taking scene!!🤣🤣

    10. Shikha Singh

      Other students - scale ,book,pencil,pen Me-not a single pen and also only take 2 boks with of any subject....😅😅 I am me and i always be me

      1. Study with Mitu

        If you are procrastinating instead of studying/working then check my channel once to have a company while you are working hard and finish your study/work first and then enjoy these videos as a reward

    11. Manda Naik

      Devishi is rocking 🔥

    12. Hina Tabassum

      Who all r other student like me except last part.

      1. Study with Mitu

        If you are procrastinating instead of studying/working then check my channel once to have a company while you are working hard and finish your study/work first and then enjoy these videos as a reward

    13. The Beda

      Ek baat, school mai itne lambe baal kon rakne deta hai🧐

    14. Kamala Budathoki

      I am me🤘😁

    15. tahura

      I think everyone is a bit of both

    16. rajarshri shahu college neet11 videos

      Who notices all the books were they used are maharastra state board 10 th books


      Me 😎😎😎👌👌👌

    18. ????????

      Alternate title : Toppers vs backbanchers

    19. Aryan Bista

      Well now I'm assured that noone can brew as cringe and as shitty content as yours.

    20. piyush keni

      1:27 same

    21. Jenifa Ekka

      Hm to break hote hi sidhe tolet jate the 😅😅😅

    22. Sreekannan B

      I was a mix of me and other students 😉

    23. Supritha supritha

      I am the same 🤣🤣🤣............ME

    24. Md Ali

      Last line is epic🤟

    25. wanderers hub lover

      So many viewers are teenager, kya baat shi hai na🔥🔥

    26. Haripraksh Tripathi


    27. raji mk

      Me is me

    28. Sameer Inamdar


    29. Atif Aslam

      3:20 Best yrr... 😂

    30. Sayli Wani

      Thank God i m just like other student.

    31. Jesni Anna Paul

      Nobody me:seeing 10th Maharashtra boards book😂😂 areh waah.....

    32. Jesni Anna Paul

      I am me and other both of them😂😂

    33. Huzaira Hamid

      The “me” is me😋

    34. 3014 Mehal Sinha A


    35. trapviz

      Tittle should be toppers vs others


      3:47 my name😊

    37. Alok Baghel

      Last one though!!😂

    38. Ddaekchan_.

      The water bottle one got me 💀✋

    39. Dehu Hardware

      It was actually good vs bad students


      The only shat i know is "mitochondria is powerhouse of cell"

    41. Aryan Verma

      Basically front benchers vs back benchers😂

    42. IRON HEART

      I know many make hole in bottle 😂😂😂😂😏😏😏


      Me thinking in entire vedio that the books are of 10 th STD 😂

    44. m manas

      LHS=RHS Hence proved kaun bolega

    45. Aditya Bhole

      The books used in this video are of class 10 Maharashtra Board SSC exam. 😎😎

    46. Gauri Kulkarni

      I am other students.... This was written by my toppr freeind.....

    47. Sankar Mahatu


    48. Dhirendra Panday

      I'm other category 😎

    49. shravanzz

      God part was so relatable and even the standing out scene also

    50. Binay Verma

      Iska naam supriya tha aur meraa supritA 😆😜

    51. Vaibhav Dwivedi

      Chalo filter kaafi ko pata toh chala ki apart from couples students bhi exist krte hai

    52. Tanvi Prabhu

      3:26 relatable 😂😂

    53. Aarush Gaming

      Fun fact:The comment section is as relatable as the video

    54. Upasana Giri

      "Kal jab chemestry lab me humaare hath takraae the mai tbhi smjh gyi thi ye pyaar hai"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    55. Riya Punj

      Is it me or did i transform from other students to me in high school😂

    56. Rajesh Vaishya

      Maharashtra state board std 10 textbook

    57. Agnes Smith

      That lovely moment when you were the most talkative student in class but quarantine made you antisocial and you're actually happier

    58. Anwesha

      2:28 sooo realatable 😋😂😂😂🤣😅

    59. Arush Eqbal 5B

      Thanks for entertaining us in lockdown

    60. m g

      I used to be in "other students" most of the time now i am one of "me".

    61. S k A

      The studious type is the most dangerous entity, believe it or not.

    62. quotes work

      rahul ke baal nhi honnee chaiye aise😁🙂.

    63. Have fun with Aanya!!!

      I am like the Others, honestly

    64. Vijay Kumari

      Bottle ma whole karke pina uff relatable

    65. Rimi Banik

      You also can say "topper vs backbencher"

    66. Gaming Kinesis

      Everything is relatable but actors are such a noob and RIDICULOUS ACTING BY THAT GIRL

    67. jyotshna .20

      Idk why i feel like watching myself again n again 😅😆🤣 Devishi and me are in the same place 😂😂😂🤣

    68. Aisbun Meka

      In my school, students like the boy are very rare🙄👍

    69. jessy d'souza

      Last wala plus pt wala to succhi yaar relatable tha bohut plus revision sala ek baar padh lo vhi bohut hai...tavi v padhaku se jyada kam to atey nahi the so still happy.🤣🤣😜😜

    70. Ashutosh Vyas

      Aailaa jaadu...👽

    71. GHØŠT YT

      Alternate title: Front bencher and back branched

    72. mayank aswani

      They are showing the opposite. Boys aren't that sincere. Ladke toh boht immature hote hai

      1. Naavya Lahoti

        No it isn’t like this pls stop stereotyping

    73. Abhimanyu

      By other students you mean the rare breed of Toppers

    74. RY MotoVlogs

    75. Avii Tiwari

      Seriously I don't get it. Why are companies like Filter copy, TVF, and all their subordinate PAprom Channels like Timelines, TSP etc.. creating content that is relevant to the commerce school going vela bachhas who only study during the exam time. What the fuck ?? I have been following you guys since 2014 and atleast you shouldn't forget your origin. More than 80% of the tvf staff are engineers and many are IITians too (😇). Se,e this content of not studying and eating during ClASSES is completely shit. Don't create videos just for the sake of creating it. We all know every IIT aspirant is working like hell. He wants some relatable content like Kota Factory. etc... Focus more on quality> quantity. Never forget your origin. Atleast for the love of Science and Engineering. Don't you ever get influenced by those Delhi and Mumbai commerce and arts wala bacchaas who take their studies casually and do not respect their parents and teachers, party 24/7 and are always looking for relationships. That is complete shit. Don't create a fake world or a fake atmosphere for the disciplined, sincere and serious IIT aspirants. I am myself an IIT aspirant from New Delhi.

    76. Sharma ji ka pdosi

      This is totally ulta✍️

    77. Yash Buddhivant

      0:02 who noticed its 10th std Maharashtra Board😂

    78. Jugal Kishori

      I think I am other student


      Kaash mai me hota But I was other one

    80. Gauri Pundir

      Legends vs ultra legends pro max😂😂

    81. 7706 Arundathi Subramanian

      I'm me for sure

    82. we,ll meet agin see you

      Come on we are not that !

    83. Sadhavi Lakhanpal

      U mean toppers vs backbenchers?

    84. Aarti Lamba

      How's that possible?? The girl is at exam hall with nailpaint on her nails. 😅😅😅😅

    85. Radha Devi

      Similar to my school

    86. kripa

      I think they were out of good content

    87. Anirudh

      I think it's more about first bencher vs back bencher

    88. nausheen Siddiqui

      2:03 it's not r3 /T2 it's r cube /t square.. Caution - *only science students can understand*

    89. Freefire It's All-rounder

      Any School or College Student Here,Wattching after me tell me that in comments😍😍😍😎😎

    90. Nidhi Santosh M

      I really miss the old filter copy gang...

    91. Sunny Baudelaire

      Alternate title first day of school vs last

    92. Insane gamerz channel

      That bottle and tie cheating is so relatable ❤️

    93. Masud Rajvi


    94. What Why How


    95. What Why How

      This video came to me as a ad in my homepage Who else came from ad

    96. sneezayy

      I am other students

    97. Jayesh Punia

      Lagvalo ads tum bhi salo

    98. Void Roblox

      Ad kyu dala

    99. AFNAN Khan

      Other students mean Just one other nerd in the class wow i didnt know that

    100. Priyanka Saha

      Amazing video !!