FilterCopy | Falling For Your Schoolmate | Ft. Prem Anand, Rheanne Tejani and Rishabh Joshi


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    The best feelings of school love are the looks and unuttered words❤️
    Enjoy watching 😍
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    Sripriya Yegneswaran

    Jackie Thakkar
    Shashank Varma

    Prem Anand
    Rheanne Tejani
    Rishabh Joshi

    Ishani Roy

    Osheen Pathak

    Assistant Director
    Arnav Joshi

    Executive Producer
    Vir Sanyal

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    Parmjeet Sond

    Color Grading
    Ajinkya Pandit

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    Hardik Desai


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    Raunak Ramteke

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    Avinash Waghmare

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    1. FilterCopy

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      1. Sai Harshith

        i mean y in almost every school romance video the girl moves away pls in the next video keep them together pls its nothing personal but yea

      2. Sankar.M Bariya

        If xylophone. ?baba I was just thinking '!q. 9wggwwww

      3. gajender kumawat

        @Kamal Mustafa hai

      4. Manoj Shah

        @Kamal Mustafa ii

      5. Sukhnandan Khute


    2. Saikrishna Bulusu

      Yooo , Pixie is like the "imaginary friend" that doesn't exist in my friend circle....all of my friends look at me like 😏😏,when I talk to my crush or even look at her:sigh...

    3. Meandtherhythm

      Just want a guy who will become a swiftie for you 😭😭

    4. Shreeanshi

      That friend is awesome. Change is good na

    5. FANGIRL Forever

      I was in 8th B too#8Bsquad 🤪

    6. nitin gupta


    7. EVIL ARMY

      If I had hairstyle like that in school forget about crush I will get everything in life

    8. Mayank Kumar

      Change your hairstyle bro.. that's good advice

    9. Parth Sharma

      Yr everything was relateable But the end was a lie😂🙂🙂

    10. Hima Dalwadi

      Hindi web series me adhe se jyada to english me bol rahe he. Hindi me kyu nahi bol rahe ho?

    11. Shreya Verma

      Stay single ! Stay safe ! Stay legend !!


      Missing the old cast Rohan Apoorva Barkha Ayush Nayana And many more

    13. Ajay Giri

      Believe me it's not that easy , Only parshya from Sairat Movie has shown the real face 😂

    14. Nilakshi Gaikwad

      The guys saying “tally nahi hora”can connect😆😆

    15. Isha Yadav

      Fearless se lekr folklore tk... 🔥🔥🔥🔥 yaarr... Swifties here?

    16. Vaishnavi Bywar

      Yeh ICSE k bacche the na??

    17. Lovi

      It would have been superb if there were Rohan, Apurva and viraj.

    18. Chirayu Gupta

      Where is old cast

    19. Neha Khirwar

      Yucccccccccck..ghisi piti story 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮...aur over acting..filter copy should continue with old actors only..nayon se acting ni ho rahi🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    20. Shalu Kuchhal

      Who is watching at late night

    21. Abhijeet

      2/10 for casting

    22. Kavya Telang

      im literally pixie in every group

    23. Kavya Telang

      i dont mind the new actors, yall too sensitive

    24. Tasnim Esscha

      Any swiftie here?????

    25. 1gneOus

      Rishabh Joshi looks like @papaocus with much smaller lips😝

    26. Divya Morey

      How many swifties are here??



    28. Shukla gunjesh

      3:59 everyone has an apple laptop #richfriends

    29. Mari Manju

      Not sure about love.... But definitely the feelings for the person we get in school is really daamn spl😉😍

    30. Yash Bhagchandani

      No matter how much they love each other the only happy guy is their friend pixie like me simply enjoying life🤙🏻😂

    31. Rohan Sharma

      Liked your Eren Jaeger hair look...😅

    32. Viha Khanolkar

      The guy at the first looked like eren ngl

    33. Tushara Raj

      Only one thing I can relate is " I've always been a swiftie" 😂

    34. Rohan Jenekar

      Me who even know how to talk to girls😭 Dont even have female fri3nd

    35. Parag Bhasme

      This is my new channel for daily memes

    36. OP MOHIT

      Why you run add🙄😡

    37. Arfa Khan

      Terrible acting , no expressions, lame jokes. Filter copy is losing its standard man

    38. Armaan aiyaan Singh

      My school love story only exists in Kdramas 😂😭

    39. Jvn

      Too dry and boring to be a filter copy video

    40. susanta adhakary


    41. Sahil Shaikh

      Why the fuck is the ending so unreal??

    42. Kaganay

      Duuuddeeeee!!! This guy looks like eren from AOT

    43. Vansh Saini

      fearless to folklore to evermore.. SWIFTIE ❤️

    44. Symmetrically Weird

      4:20 guys, that's my laugh.

    45. Ashwin Mehta

      Koi sense h is story ka..😅 inko bhot lag rha h

    46. 육군방탄

      😹😹Pixie is exactly like my male bestie..!!

    47. Dipti Mishra

      End mein sabka katega .phir tu bhi physics padhega

    48. zushii

      Me being a styler: inhe bhi yahi pakadni thi

    49. Aryan Sharma

      Pixie was good..

    50. Gargi Sarkar

      I loved the taylor swift part ... because I am a swiftie ..


      Kaha hai aisi duniya strawberry

    52. atharv prashar

      "1:17" I just got a free gift card code from **

    53. Harshita

      And what after the confession ? Should show the whole story na

    54. No name

      Wth they are in school 😱 I thought they were school friends from b4 but kept in touch, wtf

    55. Kunal BESRA

      Cbse walo🤘

    56. deepali j

      it’s swiftie could you change that swiftly !! varna koi na rhene do yaar bas bolna tha !!

    57. epitomemusic

      Legends know that this is a reupload

    58. Smiley Buddy

      Matchmaker ko hmesha bhul jate h

    59. Its leviOsa not levioSa

      Let's be honest we all have one friend like pixie!??

    60. Abir Sikder

      Rubbish acting!

    61. Anurag Yadav

      @neeraj pandey

    62. saksham singh

      We all.have that friend like pixie who is never serious in these types in of situation 😂😂😂😂

    63. 107 Rahul Kumar

      Mt dikhao yaar ye chutiyappa kuchh alag banao n

    64. Amisha Mahapatra

      Filtercopy ko Ye hua kya... Saare characters Naya Naya 😐😐

    65. Atharva Godse

      Not so good acting!

    66. Marjufa Tahrin

      Pixie is my dog name lol

    67. Black Shadow

      Everything in this is so damn true till the last 15 seconds... Those things never happen

    68. Zeus Cheetos

      Long distance hai toh pakka katega

    69. Nimish BS

      Parallel universe alert*

    70. Adil Shaikh

      Hey plz make video on real life shin Chan.....I would love to see it

    71. Nafiz Ahmed

      Uske bad kya hota hain, bhai? Conclusion koi nahi bata ta story ta Btw nice concept and video 😁

    72. Omm Sidhaya Pradhan

      3:53 Legendary bed

    73. Jayam Netam

      Maine ek chiz notice kri har video me ni i think jitne video maine dekh h unme sb k bed same h 😂😂😂😂😂😂kisine notice kri 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😅

    74. Ajey Nager

      Zindagi me agar female friend girlfriend nahi bhi bane na tabh bhi koi baat nahi lekin Pixie jesa dost zindagi mein chahiye har insaan ko. Aur agar, best friend se pyaar ho jaye Ekku jese tabh toh zindagi khushal hain jasse.

    75. Nopey Nope


    76. Akshat and Akshita

      Pixie is epic

    77. Arjun Gaming

      Filtercopy is becoming irrelatable day by day and who the hell talk like this and none of us have pet name like eku pixie wtf filtercopy??

    78. James

      yeah bhi thik hai😅

    79. Neeraj Yadav

      I don't believe in Love. It is fake untill getting married.😗😗

    80. Nia& An

      Who are we? We are normal people. What we do? We raise our voice supporting people who were dead while struggling at their carrier. Also, Never appreciate newcomers in any field and constantly judge them telling how old people of their occupation were much better compare to them. Claps!! 👏👏

    81. Sond R.D

      Agar kabhi dubai gaye to rehne ka khrcha to bach jayega na.... ye bnda badi dur ki sochta hai ... bro😂😂

    82. Soumil Sharma

      So cloying!

    83. The Last Braincell

      Rheanne looks like madhu


      Concept thik tha magar new cast ke liye achha Nahi laga,ek request he thoda sa English Kam ho achha lagega🙏

    85. Mohd Idrees Siddiqui


    86. Radhika Joshi

      I'm pixie😂

    87. dhruvin shah

      cute video

    88. ŪLUCIFERūū _

      Gouthami idar kya kar rahi he abhyuday ko chod ke

    89. The Blank

      I'm pixie 🤣🤣🤣

    90. 016Chirasmita nanda

      That friend reminds me of Kabir Singh's friend 🙂

    91. Omkar Basarkar 152

      Tumko full video hindi nahi jamta kya. Apni rashtrabhasha bolnese sharam aati hai jo mostly English mai baat karte ho

    92. Mathopedia Mathexplorer30

      7:59 : The other guy , I can feel him ... 🤐🤐🤐🤐 ...

    93. Fairly fire

      so swifty here too❤️

    94. Arufa Maknojia

      Dude pixie is cute😁😅

    95. Dhaval Shrikhande

      I was exactly thinking what Pixie was thinking Rehne la kharcha bach jayega😂😂

    96. Shaan Dutta

      Really missing the old cast of the FilterCopy. Wish we could see them again.

    97. ASIF KHAN

      Did anyone went in flashback while watching this episode.Remebering thier school time crush❤️❤️❤️❤️

    98. Aryan Karthik

      He looks like eren Yeager/jaegar from attack on titan

    99. sia

      omg . finally someone mentioned swiftie .

    100. Lakshay Goel

      Was this guy really into UCLA?