FilterCopy | Dog Lovers vs. Cat Lovers | Ft. Barkha Singh, Madhu & @That's So Viraj | FC Compilation


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    Which team are you in?🐶😸
    Enjoy watching ;)
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    Sripriya Yegneswaran

    Nishad Javeri
    Aashish Thanawala
    Aniruddha Banerjee
    Keenan Burroughs
    Barkha Singh
    Sam, The Dog
    Subhasmita Charkrabarti
    Viraj Ghelani
    Goldu, The Cat
    Karishma Singh
    Madhu Gudi
    Ishani Roy
    Ayaz Merchant
    Zishan Zaffar
    Vickesh Khare
    Assistant Director
    Zishan Zaffar
    Executive Producer
    Subhasmita Charkrabarti
    Lalit Verma
    Design & Animation
    Ryan Peter D'souza
    Colour Grading
    Ishani Roy
    Sound Design
    Sudhtanshu Gaur
    Harshvardhan Singh
    Casting Associate
    Gunjan Saini
    Video Operations
    Amulya Prabhu
    Raunak Ramteke
    Sound Recordist
    Gopal Kamila
    Sandeep Prajapati
    Camera Attendant
    Santosh Chaudhary
    Aadesh Siddu
    Light Man
    Ramnath Yadav
    Om Prakash Mishra
    Chandan Kumat
    Saahil Singh
    Aakash Shewakaramani

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. FilterCopy

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      2. : D

        @সপন কুমার দাস bangla theka hindi keno naw? hoisa ta ki?!

      3. : D

        @সপন কুমার দাস ok now I am not busy after 2 hours later :D and don't reply me ok :)

      4. : D

        @সপন কুমার দাস I think tumi ata nagitive vabe niso 😄 ami just bolte chi don't reply me I am busy now 😄

      5. : D

        @সপন কুমার দাস ok :D ar kono reply diba na

    2. ༒꧁༻【刀】【卂】【尺】【K】【丂】【口】【ㄩ】【ㄥ】【❼】༺꧂༒


    3. Sunita Rai

      Dogs love everyone Who. Love dogs like me

    4. Nidhi bhatt

      I love cats 😍😘

    5. suranchi

      Barkha acting is superb😘😘 From a child

    6. Sakshi Swaraj

      Make a video on Cow lovers also

    7. nawshad nasreen

      But I love both cats and dogs😐😐

    8. meow

      cats win UwU

    9. parth mehta

      Billiya MADHARCHOD Hoti hai

    10. sweet mochi

      This is very relatable cause I have both cat and dog :D

    11. Amar Premnath

      I like dog

    12. Aru Rathore

      Them : dogs or cats Me : yes

    13. Anuvinda Sreejan

      My dog died 😢😢

      1. Hansika Puri

        Rip 🙏

    14. movies

      Change the title to how dogs are good then cats anyways I hate both!

    15. movies

      What is wrong with Barkha's voice??

    16. Aleesha Harris

      Tbh I prefer dogs over cats . I hate cats .

    17. Deeba Khan

      I am buying a new kitten

    18. Anushka Girade

      I like very very much dogs

    19. LaChImOlAlA

      If you are a lazy person get a cat If you are a playful person get a dog

    20. usha chordia

      I love dogs

    21. flxralsoftiie

      Dogs: they feed me they clean me I love my owners Cats: they feed me..... PLEASE NO BATHS ILL HATE YOU FOREVER

    22. Scooby Gaming

      Dogs: humans are god's 😀 Cats: they take care of me so I think I'm the God 😎

    23. Gauri Kataria

      Anyone noticed BTS t shirt

    24. ꧁LcDo-GamEr꧂

      iam a cat person i love cats so much♥😼😽😽😺

    25. R Bhuyan

      I love cat

    26. keyur Shah

      Dog is best

    27. ishika prabhakar

      Ok in my opinion, i had a cat few years back,we tried to be her family but that cat used to show her whiskers all time and like never comes near us and somehow she ran away and we were not able to find her.. At the other hand i have a dog right now like she's all opposite of it she gives me company all the time plays with me and sleeps with me like she give all of the comfort i want So in my opinion i mostly prefer dogs🐶💫💕✌

    28. Shining Legends

      Dogs are always best

    29. dhruv arora


    30. Adhya Tripathi

      goldu is yoongi haha so cute

    31. Tushar Prashar

    32. ishika prabhakar

      Whatever yall do there are mostly dog lovers biro😂💕💕east and west dogs are more loyal and best💖💖💖😍✌✌😍💖💫💫😍😍

    33. Esha s babu

      Oo isn't that BTS's tshirt!

    34. Bd btsfangirl

      I love cat and dog i have cat❤

    35. Dev Gambhir

      Barkha is so cute just like little dogs and she also behave as little kid Madhu is look like goldu except colour and beared

    36. Ananya Art

      Cats have their own unique way of showing their love Yes they are different but they are always there for you..

    37. Aleeza Rafiq Sheikh


    38. Hasu Logu

      1:07 haaaaaaa how cute sammy

    39. Huntable _Gamer

      I watch Filtercopy only due to barkha and ayush only

    40. Kaustubh Mane

      I think no one knows basic reason for what dogs are for 😂

    41. Ritobina B

      I'm proud that I belong to my cat 💕my Gullu is the Besstttt 🐈

    42. Shaikh insha

      I am dogs lover😍

    43. Avi a

      Those BTS tops🥺💜💜

    44. The Devilz Zone

      lol its a reupload

    45. : D

      I don't miss this dog why? because I dislike dogs like vary much.

      1. : D

        @ishika prabhakar dogs: no no no no no no : no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO #I_Hate_dogs

      2. ishika prabhakar

        @: D dogs: yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess yess*

      3. : D

        @ishika prabhakarcats: yes yes yes dog: no no no animals: yes yes yes

      4. ishika prabhakar

        If you dislike dogs You are not a human sorry?!

    46. Araina the songster

      Madhu is an army❤️❤️

    47. bhavesh

      Dog lovers are legend Cat lovers are chhapris

    48. Angel Correya

      I think dogs are more loyal and loving than cats .... any dog lovers here

    49. Arushi Arora

      Only legends will know dog part is reaploaded

    50. Prakhar Chaturvedi

      Dog is good

    51. Divya Das

      No one : Literally no one : Madhu wearing a BTS t shirt 💜🥲

      1. Divya Das

        @taekook is real 😭💜

      2. taekook is real

        The comment that I was looking for

    52. Anushka Subramani

      Clearly, dogs are better

    53. DÀKSHÀ

      My cat is not like Goldu

    54. Rakesh Kushwaha

      That sound effect of kya bolti public was too awkward..


      I hate cats,but i love dogs

    56. neha padia

      It is re-upload ed that's happen many times very bad

    57. My World

      These are clips from 2 vedios

    58. Gauri Kurhade

      Me cat lover

    59. DawnFoxMusic

      I was so happy to see BARKHA in the title, but it didn't take me long to realize this was a reupload.

    60. Kandisa alice ekka 6th Punit anand ekka 1st

      I am a dog lover

    61. Rubina Ansari

      I am Cat lover

    62. Fatima Mukhtar


    63. Saptaparni Bandapadhyay

      I have dog and I am dog lover.

    64. Jay Vadher

      Only legend know it is re upload 😹

    65. swapnil verma

      I'm a legend...ik its re-uploaded😎😎😎

    66. Summer Plays Roblox !

      Dog lovers like this! :) I liked this comment too :)

    67. Min Swagg

      Cats are perfectly better cuddlers... And it feels like this video was made by a dog person...🙄 cats are wayyyyy better

    68. Min Swagg

      0:15 Madhu is wearing hwa yang Yeon hwa’s t shirt😭💜🥺

    69. midlaj ck

      It’s really true that cats are so different....but I still love em.

    70. Japji Kaur

      My dog is also name is Sam

    71. N C

      Pooches r d best ❤❤

      1. Apu Anand

        Are you a malayalai

    72. nitin gupta


    73. Kanan Gangotri

      I like. Dogs

    74. Kanan Gangotri

      I like. Dogs

    75. humna khursheed

      I like cats but my mom don't allow to have a cat😥😓😫😪🤤🙄😣😏💕💓😘😚💙💚🖤

    76. Pooja Lakshmana Murthy

      I m cat person... I have 15 cats in my house... They love me and they are too independent cats... Cats are different from dog... Dog is not independent... Dog can't left alone in house r street but cats individual... 💜❤ so we want learnt how to respect ( like dog) how to rule (like cat)

    77. Nishk meena

      My cat's ❤️😍🐾🐾🐾

    78. vaida k

      okay but did anyone here whos into BTS realized that the girl at 0:11 was wearing a hwayangyeonghwa era vala shirt?

    79. Dog Lovers

      Ouh .. Love

    80. Raehah Fellah

      I love how madhu is wearing run era's T-shirt 💜😍

      1. Divi Deepi


      2. Jonie's lost airpods

        Yes I noticed also😍💜💜

    81. Raj kishor Dash

      Dog lover dog is the best ❤❤❤💓💓💜💜💛💛💚💚

    82. Abhigna Adhvaryu

      I’m a dog lover

    83. Raj Gupta

      I am definitely a dog lover...what are you??

    84. crypto gamer

      What happened to barka dii's voice

    85. Reshma Sheikz.

      Awwwwww Soooo cuteeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I love cat....I have 1 cat.....I love him😘😘😘😘😘💓💓💓💓💓

    86. time to study

      O h o

    87. Rupanjana Pyne

      The cat lover at first when she was opening the door, she was wearing BTS's album print on it😭😭😭😭😭

      1. Iqrα Sultαnα

        So what?

    88. jaafee & najee

      Cat lover forever 🔥💜

    89. jaafee & najee

      My cat is so affectionate 😏 he is not even a breed..but he cares for me..

    90. Tumi Etta Kano ?


    91. jaafee & najee

      0:20 omg her shirt?!? Am i the only one who noticed it

    92. 7352yay!

      RIP new comers 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Poor ppl they don’t know that the 2 videos are combined and reuploaded

    93. Rutuja G

      Only legends will know this that.. abe itne velle ho ki itni choti choti details yaad hein😂

    94. Ayush Singh

      Anyone noticed Kajukatli of Triggu🤣

    95. Meenakshi Monga

      I love dogs

    96. geetanjali

      My cats same as goldu.

    97. Viral art

      Dog lover

    98. Sampa Aich

      I am a dog lovers person...😊😊

    99. Satvik

      Why the fuck is this ad do want to make more money no haet

    100. BAWA G

      ye kea bckchodi lga rakhi h inhine india m Western culture k name p dekhne m hi macho joker lg rahe