FilterCopy | Annoying Things That Happen On Dating Apps | Ft. Aditya, Gunit, Saadhika & Yash


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    Should I give up hope?😭
    Enjoy watching ;)
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    Sripriya Yegneswaran

    Anil Janoti

    Shashank Varma

    Aditya Pandey
    Gunit Cour
    Saadhika Syal
    Yash Bhatia

    Vaibhav Lonkar

    Jaicy Mathew

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    Esther Darlong

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    1. FilterCopy

      Hey guys! Video kaisa laga? Tell us about your online dating app experiences📱❤️ Follow us on Instagram ➡️

      1. Nil2810 Gaming

        i thought they will meet each other

      2. Kaushik Narvaiye

        100% relatable

      3. Rehaan

        2:48 Adi bro 😂 that expression

      4. Shadman abdulkalam Kalam

        Very nice 👍

      5. The Beast

        Bakwas, singles ke liye bhi banav

    2. Sakshi

      The girl look like tmkoc mehat sab sali

    3. Madhuri Kharwad

      That pi k t shirt is Shawn from colors show- bepanaah...I think no one noticed 😂

    4. chotta daku

      Ye sabhi baate kaalpanik hai inka vastavik jeewan se koi lena dena nahi.

    5. Jhalak Sinha

      Nobody: Litterally nobody: Not even Sana: Filtercopy: ArE yOu LoOkInG fOr A gYm tO YoUr PaLm? Filtercopy: *Jim Filtercopy: *Pam

    6. aayushma singh

      Ya nahi hota online😩

    7. Invisible

      Ya'll do realize that this video is for singles because couples won't be on dating apps right?

    8. New Media

      Wait wait who travelled to Sweden on a cycle from India for love?

    9. enggrizwan ansari

      2:49 Abe chutiye 😂😂

    10. Mallika Rajpal

      Make more zodiac sign related videos

    11. Meghana Reddy _BTS_

      Who never used a dating app....literally I hope am ain't alone in this!

    12. Priyam Mishra

      Super funny😂😂

    13. Mala Kumari

      Video is good but why did you make 🤮🤮🤮 face like this on the name of jharkhand

    14. Rishika Oswal

      Missing old characters😔😔😔 New characters are worst

    15. prajee Kukku

      Why did you say "BMS kaun karta hei😭BMS is good a course yaar but why?🥺

    16. Mack Sequeira

      *SINGLES* Filter Copy : Sorry... we don't follow that word here 😄

    17. Sagrika Prakash

      What do you mean by BAMS kaun hi krta hai...🤷🏻‍♀️

    18. Dr. Strange

      1 minutes silence for those who think they will get true love on dating apps

    19. king of clash royale

      Bms kon karta hea!! Ekdum sahi baat hea mene bms kiya ab lagta hea kyu kiya

    20. Hello Hiii

      I am from Delhi...and am currently in Jharkhand....I have lived in Mumbai too....I can proudly say... Jharkhand is heaven

    21. Arian 10

      There should be no girls in dating apps.. Seriously! Imagine an alien lands on earth and you shoot it down just because it started it's conversation with an hyy! 😤

    22. Prriyaiyer

      Tinder n bumble apps are height of torture...pervert men make fake I'd of girls n on forcing video call verification ,they show masturbating on camera...yuck....on reporting this to tinder bumble,they ban me totally ....greatness ka baapp

    23. Siddharth Singh

      1:14 the guy was looking at his screen like he's gonna eat his screen.

    24. Navya

      Yup I also get annoyed from datings app 🙄 But that was fun 😁😝

    25. Paras Garg

      Whats wrong in doing bAms?

    26. Abhinav Sharma

      Fact: A girl get more likes within 5 minutes than a guy in his lifetime


      Abhimanyu 😍😍😍

    28. Alka Soli SEER CREATORS

      Stay away from dating sites /apps for your own goodness

      1. Alka Soli SEER CREATORS

        @531_TYIT_Shivangi Dubey it takes a lots of time to know someone's character.. A profile won't give an exact idea about someone's character.. More over they follow the principle..' Love at first sight' which is disgusting..

      2. 531_TYIT_Shivangi Dubey

        @Alka Soli SEER CREATORS can you elaborate on that a little

      3. Alka Soli SEER CREATORS

        @531_TYIT_Shivangi Dubey It is same as matrimonial sites/selling yourself

      4. 531_TYIT_Shivangi Dubey


    29. Manasvi Chaudhari

      this video was a waste of time

    30. Tapomita Ghosh

      First of all, who ask their friend like this- "Tere paas doggy hai na? Wo milega kya?" ???!

    31. Anant

      The main girl looks very much like Young Meryl Streep 🤓

    32. Karan Sheth

      Radius badha de Nice idea Waah kya genius log hai😑🤦🏻‍♂️

    33. krishna mamtani

      Why Sana Whyy??? Aakhir kyu kia ese??? KYU??????

    34. GameWorldWeb

      kahani haar banda bandi ki

    35. Snehangshu Mahapatra

      Some legendary guys out there: What's a dating app?

    36. Subhomita Das

    37. Fact Funda

      Jharkhand 😂😂

    38. Manashi Thakur

      I love those motivating friend, supports in every sector be it bhai ka match or breakup😂

    39. Chinmayi Hegde

      Seriously!!?? Spending hours in a dating app!!! I just wanna ask them "Yaar kaise kar lete ho tum log!!!??"

    40. bhumi Solanki

      What uh mean by BAMS kaun krta hai!!🙄

    41. Arish

      I literally got the notification after 2days even when I already saw it and liked it😅😂...

    42. Gloriya Raj

      I was missing someone.... And just watched this video.......can anybody tell me... what kind of person I am.?

    43. Aditi Gupta


    44. shidharth kyp66

      We want old actors nd actresses back....

    45. Shruti Kedia

      Looking at both the guys it seems like ,Filter copy using beauty filters😂

    46. Arpita Singh

      Yeh sare single logo ne dislike kiya h😂😂😂


      That sound...AAA AAA a aaaaaa....😂😂😂

    48. sandhya sandhya

      who are here from Bangalore hit a like🙋

    49. saransh ojha

      @filtercopy video suggestion: when you fall in love with nana ki behen ki beti ki beti ki beti i mean door ki cousin

    50. Bollywood Mashup

      Pls also make a video casting janhvi Kapoor pls

    51. priya dharshini

      Can u bring Aayush,Barkha,Ahsaas,Apoorva,and old team back ! We couldn't relate to new actors and ur boring content 🙄😑

    52. Sanjay Yadav

      Bams kon krta h????? Seriously ? Jante kya ho tm log bams k bare me ? Stop insulting Ayurveda .kon bhi kuch bhi lines dal k bk bk krte ho you guys have no sense .ve jo chutiye concept pr video bnate ho thoda brain use kr liya kro.

    53. trash mail

      Filtercopy lacking content these days. And don't even start about pathetic acting skills.

    54. Sanchita Bal

      Make a vedio on *life of single* on respect of every singles.

    55. Shiva the super labrador

      I got more than 100 matches in this lockdown and none of them worked 🙄 still hopes are high tinder is great

    56. kjanji mandawat

      Legend's doing BAMS didi ....sasta nashaa funkte ho kyaa

    57. Khadra Khadra

      Missing Isha

    58. Permas Jaya

      Where the hell is Isha?#Missing her

    59. Rubaya Afzal

      Itnai nakhrai 😂 Jim to Pam mai kya masla hai 🌚

    60. heath ledger


    61. Chhavi _13

      Anyone here who's a teenage and never used dating aap 😂

      1. Chhavi Panchal

        We have the same name bro😂😂😌😌

      2. Gemini

        Young adult & dating someone but never used an app🤣

      3. Soccer Freaky


      4. Abani kumar Panda


      5. Naveen Kumar

        My self

    62. Aman Sonsare

      But someone really need to sue the people who are super vip and message after a decade😑 Are we mad or what to message you at that moment

    63. Shubham

      Which song is that at 03:43

      1. RHK

        That's what I want to know.

    64. Priyanshu Sahraya

      Filter copy :- perfect blend of Quality & Quantity

    65. Athri Bhat

      Channel we single exist

    66. Snipers Official

      Who is here after Sasta Biig Bosss

    67. Dr.R Sharma

      Shutup BAMS is a g8science Jai Ayurved ❤️

    68. Ananya Singh

      Why u don't want a gf from jharkhand?

    69. Suraj Pusti

      And..... what's wrong in jharkhand. Grow up filtercopy.

    70. Fatimah Ahmed


    71. Aashriya Azta

      Omg I really don't wish to watch your videos anymore not relatable , want barkha,aayush all others

    72. Saniyah Aquil

      Anything for Singles?🥺


      Missing Barkha Apoorva aisha ayush n naina

    74. Het Pandya

      from last 2 videos content is not as good as previous videos on filtercopy..........


      This makes me feel more single 😅

    76. Majedul Sakib

      Aditya is look like rawknee

    77. Ravi Kumar

      Missing you virajmaan💓

    78. Pragya Pandey

      I am from Ranchi, Jharkhand.😀❤️ Hye Guys! Bht sunder place.

    79. Aditi Bajpai

      The boy from PFA 2 is so cuteeee

    80. Beast of Squad

      One interesting fact if this video was sponsored by any dating app There would be happy ending for sure

    81. Shreya Singh

      Seriously !!! No content @filtercopy ?? Where are ayush, barkha , ahsaas ????


      Wow Jharkhand ❤️


      I love filtercopy


      Where are barkha singh , shreya chakroborty , Apoorva Arora Rohan shah aisha Ahmed Ayush Mehra yashaswini dayama and many more

    85. Ashlesha Singh

      im waiting for a gamers videoooooooooooo

    86. Sangeeta Rai

    87. Arshika Srivastava

      Filtercopy never fails to impress!!❤😂

    88. Musically Magical

      hey guya, could you please make a video with rohit saraf and mostlysane????

    89. Ameya Bhagwat

      Express yourself. It's hard to be nice if you don't feel comfortable. Shop Your Style @fabric.and_more on insta for latest fashion trends!!

    90. Harini V

      Filter copy...please add a video with akashdeep Arora,Banerjee, and other old actors!!! Really missing them!!!

    91. Kamalnarayan Jaiswal

      I got the notification at 8 am🤨🤨

    92. Ismail Nameer


    93. Ismail Nameer


    94. Ismail Nameer


    95. Kumar Shanu

      Bhai Paid Girls wali profiles to show krte video me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    96. Vijayalaxmi Rao mudradi

      Miss the old actors 😭

    97. rushabh oza

      Did filter copy not get their promised pay from all the dating apps they promoted year long and now have come to "Sabka badla lega re tera Faisal"

    98. Jayesh Anand

      720th dislike mera chuda filtercopy..tatti video

    99. Siddhika Iyer

      Haha are the superstars

    100. Jain Drishti

      i am really missing the old cast of filtercopy