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  1. Akshaya N

    When something is made for me😂


    Srk fuck I don't like him

  3. Rahmat Zafar

    I wish.......

  4. Ashish Kohli

    Filter copy ke filter ki alag hi baat hai 😘

  5. Muhammed Irfan S

    Pls make a video on anime lovers 🙇‍♀️

  6. Shilpa Shree

    The people who disliked this video thought they are sisters

  7. Ethereal Chords

    *Just look at Apoo at **4:16** - **4:34**, such a cutayyy*

  8. Abhishek Mehra

    O bro it makes me hero 😎

  9. Poulami Banerjee


  10. Ankur

    I am looking for the comment " who is watching this in 2021" 😂😂

  11. Svastik Roychowdhury

    Ole baba le

  12. Svastik Roychowdhury

    The Kabhi khushi kabhi gam part was best

  13. nishad gavande

    He had an anxiety attack... then came the depression. There has to be more background to this..

  14. Svastik Roychowdhury

    Viraj is my Favourite actor I'm not his mom

  15. Aashish

    2:38 for just a moment I felt like he mentioned me(my name is also Aashish).

  16. Khanishkaa Kajendran

    i cried at the end of the vid im in 11th standard and here they have canceled my gcse and r doing it based on my teachers. im not clever i dont do an of mmy work im always behind in everything i have so many fights with parents at the end of the day sometimes i think what am i doing wrong y do stuff that i want to it happen right go wrong y am i not changing y am i like this and sooo on but this vid ade me feel like smtms my problems r ntg

    1. Khanishkaa Kajendran

      ive never cried this bad before looking at smtg i just need to try hard in my studies i need the motivation but how and when and where and y can't i, i have my cousin friend and relatives and parents to advise me but ntg goes thru and well i rlly don't know how to explain it properly i feel lost and empty and well scared of what will happen if i just stay like this

  17. Aseema

    Why are all the singles so mad? 😂 is your life that sad? Content content hota hai yaar, dil pe mat lo.

  18. Christina Gazmer

    Arrey hostel kii birthday party yaad aagyi😁

  19. Subham Singha

    I'm 20 but still single Coz bahar jayega tabhi tho kuch ho payega ye bed pe soke badha spana dekne se kuch nhi hota 😂😂

  20. Hypatia

    These types of videos makes me feel like every marriage is fake every partner is lier and being in a relationship is burden.. are there any true people who genuinely interested in being with someone.

  21. Manasvini Rajan

    is it just me or does their daughter look like ramona from fuller house?

  22. Zen Tra

    Studious boyfriend and lazy girlfriend

  23. Palak Garg

    The name of books were so funny😂

  24. Pallavi Vibhute

    These actors are 100000000000x times better than the the actors in bollywood movies...

  25. Asna Khan

    we love youuuuu ray and nikkar!!!

  26. Garima Garg

    I didn't had my parents when i got married. I lost them in an accident. Mujhe to ye sab pyar mila he nahi. Shadi pe ladkia itna kuch karti h kuch pata he nahi tha. Jo sab baki logo ne kar dia ho gya. After watching all these videos i miss them more and more.

  27. Trishita Biswas

    Y am I I'm love with the left side 💜🙂

  28. Vadlamudi Kesavalu naidu

    The wakeful paul minimally jump because delete strangely admire besides a absurd bird. cultured, pastoral helen


    iss ka boys version bhi aana chahiye

  30. Ayan Adhikary

    Deeksha ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  31. Lady Bird

    Is she @Disha's world?😂

  32. anurag jha

    the point when she mentioned she wanted to do everything damn i related good there

  33. Charan Gurupura

    If millennials made PAprom Video should have been the title.

  34. Decker Sting

    Bro dogs can't see colours....but video achi thi

  35. Nidhaan Khanna

    the girls acting was not as good as the boys

  36. Happy Person

    Okey dokey yo is that tru ? 🤙🏻 Yes. Iykyk 😂

  37. Krishna Deshmukh

    Last one is so relatable... All the fatigue just goes away when you see your offspring's face ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  38. SARBAN Entertainment

    I wish I become as talented and as good looking like Ayush Mehra in future. Fav part, when he made his junior comfortable on his first day. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


    hi 2:53 you go to this timeline and how filter copy saying about Pakistan map see i watched your videos but you guys hurt a feeling of Pakistani you know about Carryminati the biggest roaster of India he respect our feelings but you guys don't u guys have fans from Pakistan but u didn't care about that u just roasting Pakistan and our Pakistani youtubers respect India and their Indian fans please if u agree with this please be carefull we love your videos keep growing and we wish u will hit 10 million subscriber as soon as possible

  40. Mirza MOHSIN

    Tall people be like Kya karu mai mar jau😂🥴😔 (I am tall Its not my fault/ achievement)


    We have hcl in stomach not h2so4 I am in 9 th grade but I know this

  42. Simu Das

    It's not about the stream bt it's all about our society's mentality which always put our leg down to have arts... They have the sick mentality that we don't have any future and it's just a time pass... Aao kabhi arts pe..... Tab pata chalega😊😊😇

  43. Nihala Thajudeen

    Friends? What is that? Never heard of it

  44. Maya Easmin

    Uff ayush itna cute or innocent kyu hai😘

  45. Sanju Bhirani

    You are verrryyyy cuteeee diksha 😊😍

  46. Kinsha Batra

    For the lights meri toh phone se off ho jati hai 😂😂😂 #technologyhasmadeuslazier

  47. Rashmin Sadaf

    couple k-drama on my list. (not ranked in which ones better) 1. it's okay not be okay 2. strong girl do bong soon 3. whats wrong with secretary kim? 4. true beauty (hurtful second lead syndrome) 5. who are you; school 2015 (hurtful second lead syndrome) (additional) 6. cheese in the trap (hurtful second lead syndrome) 7. suspicious partner 8. love alarm 9. Pinnochio 10. Hotel de luna 11. a love so beautiful 12. hwarang 13. goblin

  48. Sayantan Nath

    What's this man...?? Not a single person says... "I like your hair..."...

  49. Mohammed zubair ahmed

    Aaaa fuck it I don't wanna get depressed, not for i dont have any girl friend

  50. Maya Easmin

    Kitni cute hain🥰.and ayush looks so innocent 😍😍

  51. Sammisam x World

    Couples - Enjoying their life with the real loved ones Singles - Seeing this video & proving their loneliness in comments section 😂💔

  52. Alice Minz

    Kill me Heal me My love from the star It's okay to not be okay Goblin Legend of the blue sea

  53. Sahil Wadgire

    she is so pretty 😻😻😻

  54. Re Three

    Ayush was literally looking like rajkumar rao in the thumbnail

  55. bts kid

    Madhu has bts posters on the wall and door!

  56. Anushka Pandey

    The front seat par mat so was so relatable😂😂😂

  57. Aarna Makhija

    Omg!! This is so me!😂💛

  58. Rituparna Saha

    Woww 'Crash Landing On You ' is really a classic nd even non kdrams watchers should check this out..honestly I am both a series nd kdrama watcher😁nd among thriller kdramas I would recommend everyone 'Signal'..

  59. Raheen Khan

    Meanwhile me who has no friends: 👁👄👁

  60. Pawar, Vishal

    Please bring back Aisha, Barakha, Ayush,Dhruv, Mithila, Veer,Banerjee, Yashaswini....these new actors are not at all effective..🙄

  61. Mansi Srivastava

    Me me ✋😀😀

  62. Rimi Banik

    Agar mere sath aisa hota na to main pakka divorce kar leti 😂😂

  63. Maneswar Basumatary

    After watching this I will never want to become CA I want freedom in life

  64. legends GAMING

    Åmyaya Kamara sawaya takuta

  65. manya tiwari

    Attachment with room the most emotional

  66. Siddharth devulapalli

    Even my parents forced me into science🙁

  67. Afraid Not

    Pata kaise chalta

  68. Shekhu Akhtar

    Sabun ki tikiya bhi khaalena saath main was the best 😂😂😂

  69. Yooktashree Barai

    She is so pretty

  70. Viral pro Artist

    I am feeling so bad and I cried so much after watched this . I miss my grandfather. Cuz he is no more in earth . And he was my best friend in life 😭😢😓

  71. Jhuni - Muni

    Best video ❤️

  72. Siri Saradhi

    Arrey Please think of some episodes for married with kids also na Your freshly brewed content is targeting only from 18-29 years age.. what about us in our early 30’s with kid Hamein kyon bhool jaate ho hamesha Kuch toh relativity hona chahiye na Kabhi na kabhi.. Brew up some content about Parents and kids Kids playtime with neighbors.. what they say and what they actually mean blah blah ..... all the best

  73. Lala Khan

    Best and good

  74. Ansari Zoya

    Yesi like